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DarkRP Rules

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DarkRP Rules

Post by Mezmer on December 9th 2012, 8:01 pm

---- Welcome To YouthGroupRP! king ----

Important: The server is shutting down, play while you still can!

The server is broken and is currently in sandbox mode. And no, we aren't fixing it.

1. No music, singing, humming, jerking off or whatever else in the mic.

2. No little kids on the mic.

3. Be respectful to admins, owners, and players.(All owners hold equal rank.)

4. No racist, derogatory, or sexist comments, Names, or job titles.

5. No politics--no one cares who you voted for.

6. No advertising other servers, recruiting, and/or websites on our server.

7. If you don't speak English, don't use your microphone. (English only in voice chat).

8. No inappropriate sprays allowed. This includes male and female nudity, racist and offensive sprays.

9. Ping limit is 250.

10. Do not RDM - Random Death Match. This is a role play server. Not a deathmatch server.

11. You can not claim a large sector of the map or an area with residential space.

12. Do not prop block. This includes the zombie spawns. If you build your own building, there better be a door to get in.(Fading doors must have a keypad
or button.) Do not spam fading doors and/or keypads, you may only have two in a row.

13.Do not prop kill, propsurf, propclimb, or spawn random props. This is a RP server, not a sandbox.

14. Do not abuse the demotion system. You can’t demote just because you don’t like someone or want their job.

15. Do your job. If you’re a CP, protect. If you’re a gun dealer, sell guns. etc…..(Read the class descriptions.)

16. Obey the New Life Rule(NLR). When you die, you comeback with a clean slate.

17. Obey FearRP

18. Do not ask to have admins or moderator, info about admins and moderator is in the Admin Application section on our forums.(You may ask us questions though.)

19. Do not spam text signs or lamps, this is ban worthy.

20. Do not blow down doors with a shotgun. (This can result in a 5 hour ban.)

21. Admins should not give people weapons.

22. Do not abuse lamps to try and blind someone.(Lamps mounted on bases are OK though.)

23. Do not block the entrances and walkways to the sewer.(This includes fading doors.)

24. Have fun and enjoy our server! Contact an admin if you need help with anything or have any questions!

-Misc. Job Rules

1.Civil Protection cannot base in any building, their base is the Police Station and Town Hall. The only exception is if a base is set up by the mayor.

2. Sewer Creatures are always KOS and they CANNOT be friendly.

3. Sewer creatures cannot kill anyone that is on land. You may not fight Sewer Creatures unless you are in the sewer as well.

4. Gun Dealers cannot sell exclusively to gangs or people.

5. The Mayor's laws cannot conflict with server rules.

6. NLR does not apply with Sewer Creatures. This includes them and those fighting them.

7.The yellow warehouse does NOT count as the sewer.

8. Sewer Creatures cannot become pets.

- Youth Group Gaming

(If you get banned you can try and appeal the ban on the forums. Also remember to report admin and player abuse.) Addon Pack For The Server! Download To See Models And Other Cool Stuff! (Click Here)
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