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Nick Admin Abuse

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Nick Admin Abuse

Post by Guest on December 28th 2012, 1:10 am

Name of abuser: =YGG= Nick / =YGG= Sheara
Date of occurance: December 26, 27th
What happened: It would be better if I listed what he did.
Gave himself God mode (and not just for a moment he was like that for quite a while)
Gave other players God mode (we counted at least 3 other people who were godded)
Set his health to 1000
Spawned vehicles
Spawned himself Shotguns
Shot down several doors
Gave other players weapons
Constantly noclips around the map while RPing
Brings players to himself or goto's way too often.
Then changed his name when I told him to cut it out, after I confronted him about it he changed back.

Mydyn can also support this and so can many others such as Blake and Beast.

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Re: Nick Admin Abuse

Post by Mydyn96 on December 28th 2012, 1:15 am

I can attest to all this, Hunley also agrees with most, if not all, of it. Also the name was Sheara not Seara.


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