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How to apply.

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How to apply.

Post by Mezmer on December 3rd 2012, 3:01 pm

I will be reading these and will expect more than just "I'm a good admin". I would like to know who you are, family man? Gamer? Rejected heroine addict?

What other games besides GMod you have admined in and for how long.

Do you know a lot of GMod commands? Do you know how to play the game properly?

Your age is a major must know, for mature reasons unless you can prove otherwise. You MUST have a mic and you MUST be able to communicate with both admins and players.

You must be able to play on the server at least 2 days a week and you must be available on most weekends.

YOU MUST MUST MUST follow all rules and orders given, failure to do so is demotion or ban depending on how annoying you were and how serious the rule broken was.

Application Example:

-Name: (Steam Name)
-Steam I.D:
-Mic: Yes or no
-Brief description of yourself: (include servers you have helped on before and what GMod commands you know)
-Do you belong to any other groups:
-Will you be dedicated to our server/group:
-How long have you played on the server and how long have you been a moderator:
-Will you continue to follow the rules and wear the =YGG= Tag:
-Have you read and do you agree to the Admin Code of Conduct as well as the Admin Rules:

(More questions may come in the future but this is the basics)

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