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Admin and Mod Code of Conduct/Rules

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Admin and Mod Code of Conduct/Rules

Post by CSS Hunley on January 9th 2013, 11:19 pm

As an admin or moderator, you are required to be respectful and friendly to all players. You are expected to assist players in any way you can and answer their questions to the best of your knowledge. Alway encourage role play. You are expected to uphold the server rules all the time and at all costs, this is your primary job. DO NOT abuse your powers.

Admin/Mod Rules:

1. Do not give players weapons, you may sell them weapons that can be normaly obtained in game(Don't sell them cheap). You may give yourself weapons though(Try to buy from a gun dealer if you can).

2. Do not use over powered weapons such as grenades, the admin gun, RPG, etc. You may use these weapons only against minges and trolls.

3. Do not give players free handouts of anything, such as drugs or money.

4. Do not abuse no-clip or use it all the time, you need to walk normal like everybody else.

5. Do not mess with other players props or try to make them angry.

6. Do not change the server settings.

7. Do not use your admin powers, such as slay and teleport, other than for admin purposes.

8. You must be on the server at least 2 days a week and you must be available on most weekends.

9. You MUST wear our tags at ALL times, you may have other tags, but you have to include ours. Don't inlude these other tags when on our server or playing with the group in gaming events. Do NOT put on tags advertising for other RP servers or Gmod specific groups at all. This is not a suggestion, you have to do it.

*You can be demoted for breaking the rules.

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